Gluten free diet

Until recently, gluten-free diet was an unpleasant necessity and a real challenge. The total resignation from the allergen was associated with enormous rigor and significantly affected the variety of diet.

Gluten free food. Nowadays, the knowledge about the celiac disease and the food intolerance has became more greater and the availability of the gluten-free products have changed. The diet based on gluten free products has become part of the lifestyle, therefore more and more people are taking this step. Not only suffering from the food intolerances. Our products are the answer to the growing demand for the gluten-free food. The products are safe for health, but also attractive for all those who choose gluten-free cuisine. Gluten free diet became more tasty and easier to manage.

What exactly is gluten?

This is a harmful protein contained in wheat, which may cause strong allergy. Also it can adversely affect the body, causing for instance: gluten allergy, transient non celiac hypersensitivity to gluten, and gluten intolerance, including permanent celiac disease. It leads to the disappearance of intestinal villi responsible for the absorption of nutrients from food.

Untreated celiac disease can cause a variety of symptoms, not only from the digestive system, but also from the nervous system, reproductive system and the skin problems. Common accompanying symptoms of the celiac disease are: diarrhea, abdominal pain, constipation, depression, epilepsy, skin inflammation, short stature, menstrual disorders, infertility or osteroporosis. In recent years, the number of gluten allergies has increased. The consumption of contaminated products may result in anaphylactic shock. However, you don’t have to be allergic with many symptoms. Scientists have observed that many people are hypersensitive to this non-allergic protein. In each of these cases, complete abandonment of gluten is a must.

It may seem difficult to eliminate an allergen at first, but you only need to know what food is contaminated with it and to be consistent.

There are many products naturally gluten-free, safe for use in the daily diet: corn, rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes, soy, millet, buckwheat, tapioca, amaranth, cassava, lentils, beans, sago, sorghum, nuts, as well as meat, fruit and other vegetables. It is worth mentioning here that in special cases, especially in the case of flours and semi-raw materials, gluten contamination may occur. Therefore, we recommend reaching only for proven products with the information “Gluten-free product” or with the crossed-out ear of grain symbol. All such products are sold under the Glutenex brand.

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Nothing prevents a gluten-free diet to be varied and rich in nutrients.

What about the taste? When we learn about a disease or an allergy, we quickly discover that most of our favorite products “may contain gluten”. In many diseases, even a small amount of allergen can be harmful to the body, but the lack of gluten in the diet does not mean giving up all the pleasure of eating. A lot of new discoveries await us in a gluten-free kitchen, but we don’t have to give up our habits completely. A wide selection of corn, rice, coconut or millet flours allows to fully replace their “traditional” counterparts. And the appetite for sweets will help to saturate the ever-wider offer of gluten-free sweets.

bezglutenowe ciastka niskobiałkowe

their diet. Thanks to this, our products guarantee that they are safe for people with food intolerances. We are constantly developing, directing our offer to those for whom this method of nutrition has become something more than a health requirement. We’ve worked hard on the quality of our products. The support of the Polish Association of People with Celiac Disease and on a Gluten Free Diet is the best confirmation of this.

We are glad that we are appreciated by people for whom the priorities are: conscious choice, well-being and the taste.

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