Glutenex: żyj pełnią smaku

Over 30 years ago, we set a goal to create healthy products, unique not only in terms of taste, but also quality. Our clients' trust and numerous certificates confirm the rightness of our path.

certyfikat polskiego stowarzyszenia osób z celiakią i na diecie bezglutenowej

Certificate of the Polish association of people with celiac disease and gluten-free diet

Certificate of global standard for food safety

Certificate of Global Standard for food safety

Healthy gluten-free products, low-protein foods and delicious products with no added sugars.

Our history is a story of good taste!

We produce gluten-free products, which are not chosen out of the necessity, but because of their unique nature and taste. Over the years, we have gained the position of the largest producer of gluten-free and low-protein products in Poland. Our range effectively supports people with food intolerance who are on gluten-free or low-protein diets.

Our products

We have created unique products that show a gluten-free diet in a completely new light.

A wide range of finished products, including snacks, sweets and breakfast products. High-quality and healthy products supporting in  elimination diets. In addition, we offer a wide range of semi-finished products, which allows you to compose balanced and extremely tasty meals, getting rid of any restrictions on gluten-free or low-protein diets.

Wyroby bezgluenowe - Glutenex

Gluten free products

A tasty gluten-free diet? It is possible thanks to gluten-free products from the Glutenex offer.

Sklep żywność bezglutenowa

Wyroby niskobiałkowe - Glutenex

Low protein products

Our low-protein products are the foundation of a healthy diet, without sacrificing the taste.

Sklep wyroby niskobiałkowe

Wyroby bez dodatku cukrów - Glutenex

Products without added sugar

No additional sugar, but always a 100% of the taste. Delicious gluten-free products necessary in the diet of diabetics.

Sklep produkty bez cukru

We have a license to use the mark of the Polish Association of People with Celiac Disease and on a Gluten Free Diet

Żywność bezglutenowa

Dieta bezglutenowa

Gluten free diet

Switching to a gluten-free diet until recently was an unpleasant necessity and quite a challenge. Total abandonment of gluten was associated with enormous rigor, which was reflected in the diversity of the diet. Our products are the answer to the growing demand for gluten-free food: safe for health, but for all those who choose gluten-free cuisine.

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