About us

The history of our company is a history of good taste.

GLUTENEX is the first family-owned gluten-free company in Poland, which specializes in the production of gluten-free bread, confectionery and pasta.

The history of the first baking under the GLUTENEX brand goes back to the second half of the 1980s. At that time Andrzej Kawa – a confectionery and bakery master – wanted to start his own business to produce bread and gluten-free cakes for people with celiac disease in a small family-run bakery. At the beginning, biscuits, shortbread and gluten-free bread were produced.  We tried to obtain products with porosity and structure as close as possible to their gluten counterparts by using the available ingredients. Even today it is a huge challenge comparing how it was 30 years ago. The knowledge, awarness of the celiac disease and the availability of gluten-free ingredients was definitely not as common as it was before. Andrzej Kawa, after over 25 years of management, delegated functions to his son. Mr. Paweł Kawa has been the President since 2013. Today, GLUTENEX is synonymous with tradition, safety and high quality. We deliver products to the stores with healthy food, wholesalers, commercial networks and foreign contractors.

The opportunity to share our products with you continuously for over 30 years is a huge distinction for us.

Glutenex historia
Glutenex hala produkcyjna

Our mission.

We had one goal creating our company over 30 years ago, – to provide people with  the highest quality gluten-free products. By combining excellent taste, unique character, attention to detail and passion for creation. Our products guarantee safety and captivate with sophisticated taste. Our range of products satisfies our clients’ most important longings.

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